Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Artists on Vinyl "pictures from Joel Butler

Chanel Friere
Christian Bonnevie
Clare Ellis
Andrew Mazerolle
Patrick Byers

Anna Stroud
Chanel Friere
Chanel Friere
Jeff McLennan

(Click on the Pics to see them bigger)

Ok first of all thanks to all the artists for making this unique show happen. Thanks also to 3rd Space Gallery for graciously donating their space for such a great cause. We will get out antenna! Ok, so, here are some photos of most of the pieces from the show. There were all taken by Joel Butler. Thanks Joel! So those of you who are looking at this fine artwork and see something you would like to bid on 3rd Space Gallery will be opened Wed 3-6, Thurs 3-6.....and....

The closing! July 6th 7pm-till9pm. (Note all bidding sheets will be taken down at exactly 9pm, so this is your last chance to bid) Dj Hawk will be spinning his eclectic funk records. Hopefully beer will be available for donation. So, please make the closing a blast, come out spend some money for a cause that will ultimately benefit everyone in the Saint John and surrounding areas!



m38967 said...

Hi---Is the Anna Stroud vinyl piece available anywhere for purchase? Where can i get more info on vinyl art? Thx! Missy. BTW: I hope you got your antenna.

mocha23 said...

great works - great idea -
i was attempting some vinyl art a couple of years ago on unwanted and no longer worth anything color 7"'s i had collected - i used some of them as pretty cool birthday cards - but never went to the full "vinyl artist" mode - but this is inspiring - especially the melted piece by Anna -
and i would love to have that vertigo circle by chanel - wonderful. oh yeah - i also made a nice vinyl mobile for my mom one year - she uses it to scare the birds from her garden....

jeff said...

Hey there Missy, I'm sorry to inform you that the Anna Stroud piece has been sold in the silent auction ( I think for 50 dollars) But! It looks like this is going to be an annual fund raising event for the CFMH Radio so there is a great chance that Anna will contribute to next years show. We are going to try to have an online option for bidding thru this very blog. So, if that is something that may interest you lemme know and I'll inform you of the details when I know for sure. Thanks for the comment! They are always welcome.

jeff said...

Mocha, Thanks for the interest in the show! If you happened to snap any pics of this vinyl art and you are interested in sharing, send them along and I will add them to the blog. And on a side note the melted flower pot piece is by Chanel Friere not Anna Stroud. If you create any Vinyl Art lemme know, always interested. Have a good one.

d.edlen said...

I'm really enjoying finding more art using LPs! I paint portraits of musicians on records they recorded. I'd love to be included in future events if they happen. In the meantime, you can read my blog at vinylart.blogspot.com


cfreire said...

Little mistake here. The vinyl flower sculpture was not made by Anna Stroud. It was made by Chanel Freire (me). I still have that piece. My boyfriend bought it at the auction because I was so sad to see it go. :)