Monday, July 9, 2007

A Question For Artists Who Participated in Artists On Vinyl

Linda and I were thinking of making this an annual event as a fund raiser for CFMH. I'd just like to get any input you may have concerning this years show, would some of you be interested in participating again? If so lemme know.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Artists on Vinyl Closing Pics

What an excellent night!
Lots of people.
Lots of bids.
Lots of laughs.

A good time by all. And the keg even got polished off! Thanks definitely to Picaroons for supplying excellent beer. Thank you to 3rd Space Gallery for all their help. Thanks to DJ Hawk for the funk that had everyone gettin their strut on. Thank you to Oryx Books and Music, as well as Backstreet Records for supplying the records which were transformed into amazing works of art. Thanks to all the artists! And thanks to all the people who came out to see the art and bid! It was a better than expected result for CFMH, and we are that much closer to our goal.

"I love it when a plan comes together"- Hannibal from The A-Team


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Artists on Vinyl "pictures from Joel Butler

Chanel Friere
Christian Bonnevie
Clare Ellis
Andrew Mazerolle
Patrick Byers

Anna Stroud
Chanel Friere
Chanel Friere
Jeff McLennan

(Click on the Pics to see them bigger)

Ok first of all thanks to all the artists for making this unique show happen. Thanks also to 3rd Space Gallery for graciously donating their space for such a great cause. We will get out antenna! Ok, so, here are some photos of most of the pieces from the show. There were all taken by Joel Butler. Thanks Joel! So those of you who are looking at this fine artwork and see something you would like to bid on 3rd Space Gallery will be opened Wed 3-6, Thurs 3-6.....and....

The closing! July 6th 7pm-till9pm. (Note all bidding sheets will be taken down at exactly 9pm, so this is your last chance to bid) Dj Hawk will be spinning his eclectic funk records. Hopefully beer will be available for donation. So, please make the closing a blast, come out spend some money for a cause that will ultimately benefit everyone in the Saint John and surrounding areas!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scott Marshall's 'Journey' for CFMH

This is truly a one of a kind piece. Lots of thought went into this! Thanks Scott! CFMH loves you!

more pics here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mingering Mike

I thought some of you record artists may find the story of Mingering Mike interesting.


Between 1968 and 1977 Mingering Mike recorded over fifty albums, managed thirty-five of his own record labels, and produced, directed and starred in nine of his own motion pictures. In 1972 alone he released fifteen LPs and over twenty singles, and his traveling revue played for sold out crowds the world over.

How is it that such a prolific musician has gone under the radar for the more than thirty years? The answer is that all took place in Mike's imagination, and in the vast collection of fake cardboard records and acapella home recordings that he made for himself as a teenager in Washington, D.C. in the late 1960s.

In 2003 two record diggers (Dori Hadar and Frank Beylotte) stumbled into the world of Mingering Mike at a flea market. There they discovered a collection of albums that were made solely of cardboard, each intricately crafted with gatefold interiors, extensive liner notes, and grooves drawn onto the "vinyl." The crates contained albums not only by Mingering Mike, but also other unheard of artists such as Joseph War, the Big "D," and Rambling Ralph, on labels such as Fake Records, Inc., Decision, Sex, and Mother Goose. There were even soundtracks to imaginary kung fu films and a benefit album for sickle cell anemia.

Hadar posted pictures of the albums on Soulstrut and Mike instantly became a cult hero. He tracked Mike down and eventually Mike revealed his story of how as a lonesome teenager he dreamt of being a soul singer, songwriter and producer. And how he lived out his dream by creating an amazing imaginary career for himself.

Mike’s discography is enormous.

More here if your are interested.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Welcome to the Site

Hey there,

This is one stop spot for all the people involved in the CFMH fundraising event "Artists on Vinyl". This site will be updated regularly for the next little while so everyone involved can be on the same page. I hope to document the shows progress with pictures and text updates as the exhibition progresses. Anyone wishing to contribute to this blog is more than welcome to do so.

Those artists who have not picked up their album yet can do so at Oryx Bookstore 116 Prince William St, ((they are closed every Monday and Sunday)), please remember to leave your name and email address. Thanks. Till next post : Happy Painting and thanks for supporting local community, campus and multicultural radio! We are goona get our freakin antenna!